Useful information on concrete mixers

Useful information on concrete mixers


The company LAZARIDIS NIKOLAOS & CO GP specializes in the manufacture of concrete mixers for over 20 years. Our concrete mixers are highly durable, of excellent quality, and are designed to meet all market standards.

We manufacture electric and gasoline-powered concrete mixers, as well as concrete mixers without motor, with a capacity from 125Lt up to 240Lt. The drum has hubs and grids for optimal mixing in the fastest possible time. Moreover, a very important technical feature of our concrete mixers is the gear reducer that facilitates the rotation of the drum and makes it easier to use. The foot lever helps locking the drum in the position desired by the operator.

We are obliged to inform you that for the safe operation of the concrete mixer, the operator must remain at a safe distance from its moving parts and use all necessary personal protective equipment, such as gloves and goggles.

To ensure the correct and long-term operation of the concrete mixer, it is recommended to clean it with plenty of water after each use until all residues are removed (ATTENTION: the concrete mixer must not be connected to the power supply) and should be maintained at regular intervals. When the concrete mixer is not being used, must be stored in a dry and clean place, to prevent corrosion.

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